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Full Guide for HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting tips is available here. Go through the relevant tips and fix the printer issue on your own. In this manual we provide the solutions for paper jam, printer offline, ink cartridge, printhead, and error code issue. The 123.hp.com/ojpro8216 guidelines provided in this manual are very simple which can be used by anyone who is not aware of these kinds of issues. Read the manual, do the step- by- step instructions, and sort out your issue. If the issue is not cleared, you can give us a call and solve them.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Factory Reset

  • The instructions provided in this document gives you an idea about when to reset and how to reset.
  • In general, when all the mentioned troubleshooting techniques have not sorted the issue, do the factory reset.
  • When you factory reset the HP Officejet Pro 8216 printer, all the saved settings and data get erased.
  • Restoring the factory- set defaults lets you get back the most of the settings to the factory defaults.
  • It does not reset the page count, language, or tray size. Proceed with the following instructions to HP Officejet Pro 8216 Factory Reset.
  • Power off your HP Officejet Pro 8216 printer. Detach the power cable from the printer.
  • You should not re-link it for at least 30 seconds. Then reconnect the power cable from where you have removed.
  • Power on the printer by pressing and holding the resume icon for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • By doing this the Attention light gets turned on. Now release the resume icon which you pressed earlier.
  • The printer gets reset to the factory default by the attention and ready lights. For details, call us.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Printing blank pages

  • When your printer prints a blank page, go through the instructions provided below, and sort out the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Check whether the antivirus software on the computer is up- to- date. If not do the necessaries and update the software.
  • Determine the estimated ink levels and substitute the one which is low or empty.
  • To check the ink level, go to start on windows, click on the All programs, pick your printer name.
  • Tap on the estimated ink level icon, and then go with the estimated ink levels tab.
  • Find the HP Officejet Pro 8216 ink cartridge which is low, and trail the prompts to remove and replace the ink toner.
  • Clean the cartridges with the aid of automated tools. Go to start on Windows, click on HP printer name, and then tap Print.
  • Tap on the Maintain your Printer option, and then tap on the Devices Services option.
  • Choose the clean ink cartridges, and go through the prompts to wipe the toner.
  • Once you are done, place the cartridge into its respective slot.Make sure that the cartridges are fixed into correct place.
  • For more tips and information regarding this HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue, call us on our toll- free number.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Paper Jam error

  • When your HP printer stops printing and displays the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Paper Jam Error message, click Ok displays on the control panel.
  • By that time, the attention light on the control panel blinks, and might produce noise than usual.
  • To resolve this HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue, let your print a self- test page. The instruction on how to print a test page is provided below.
  • Place plain, white paper into the input tray of the printer, click Setup on the control panel of the printer.
  • Click 2 to choose the Print Report menu, and then click 6, press Ok to print a test page.
  • If the test page is not printed, check for the presence of jammed paper in the input tray.
  • Use a torch light to check thoroughly if any torn pieces of jammed paper are present.
  • Clear the paper jam from the rear and front side of the printer. Once again let the printer print a test report.
  • Scrutinize whether your carriage is able to move freely inside the printer. If not, check for any obstacles.
  • Print a test page, after removing the dust and debris present inside your HP Officejet Pro 8216 printer.
  • Clean the rollers and maintain it without accumulating any dust. Presence of dirt leads to paper jam issue.
  • For more tips regarding the paper jam, click a call, and get connected to our professionals.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Offline

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Offline Windows

Step 1: use a diagnosing tool

  • Go to Play Store, download HP Print and Scan Doctor using the prompts.
  • Open the Print and Scan doctor, and follow the prompts to resolve the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Tap on the Test print option if you are using network printer connections.

Step 2 : personalize your printer as a default printer

  • Switch on the printer and search for the Devices and Printers option in Windows.
  • Follow the prompts to remove another printer from your network list.
  • Try printing a page and check whether the issue is resolved.

Step 3 : Printer resetting and scrutinize the connection

  • When the printer is on, remove the power cord, leave for a while, and then connect.
  • Check whether the printer is on by itself, if not do it manually and proceed.
  • Check whether the connection is properly maintained, if not try next solution.

Step 4 : scrutinize the correct port

  • HP Officejet Pro 8216 Offline when the correct port is not chosen. Go to the control panel.
  • Tap on Printer Properties and then on Ports. Click on your printer name.
  • Ensure that you choose an appropriate port, if you are connected to the incorrect port currently.
  • Now, Check your printer connection status and try to print a document.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Offline Mac

Step 1: determine the connection

  • Check whether the connection between the printer and the computer is good.
  • If you find any loose USB connection, remove and re- establish the connection.
  • If the devices are kept apart, move and place near to each other.

Step 2 : exclude multiple printers from the list

  • Look for the Mac for Print, search for the printer names which are similar to yours.
  • Remove other devices from the list, and set your printer as a default printer.
  • Try to print after removing multiple printers. If the issue exists, go to the next step.

Step 3 : remove the existing print queue and re- add the printer

  • Check whether your printer is connected, and then choose your printer in the list.
  • Tap Minus, delete the printer from the list. Choose the printer name, and click +.
  • Re- add the printer to the queue and then try to print the document.

Step 4 :reboot the HP Officejet 8216 printer

  • When no solutions have resolved the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue, use the instructions and reset the printer.
  • Right- click on the black space in the printers list, and then click Reset.
  • Key in the user name, and password, click ok, and finish the reset procedure.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 Ink cartridge problem

  • When the printer does not print, and the status light flashes your printer might display cartridge missing or damage message.
  • Check you are using genuine ink cartridge for your HP printer. Using of unauthentic ink leads to HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Check ink cartridges. If the cartridges do not have full electrical contact with the printer, remove and reinstall the ink toner.
  • Wipe the ink cartridge and the carriage electrical contacts of the HP Officejet Pro 8216 printer.
  • Remove the cartridge from the slot, and keep it aside. Use a foam rubber swab, dip it into distilled water, and then squeeze excessive water.
  • Wipe the copper- colored contacts carefully, and hold on for 10 minutes. Then reinstall the HP Officejet Pro 8216 ink cartridge into its slot.
  • Reset the HP Officejet Pro 8216 printer. Plug out the power cord from the power supply and the printer’s side.
  • Try to install a new ink cartridge, print a sample test page, and then check whether the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue has resolved.
  • If no troubleshooting tips have brought you a solution, call us on the number displayed on the screen.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 printhead problem

  • The following measures have to be taken when your printer’s control panel shows an alert message.
  • Take out the printhead installed on your printer, clean it properly, and then place it again in its place.
  • Power on the printer when it is not already in the on state, and then open the access door of the printer.
  • Take out all the cartridges and keep them on a piece of paper with the ink opening facing up.
  • Unlatch the handle on the print carriage until it stops, and then elevate it to remove the printhead.
  • Wipe the plastic ramps on both sides of the ink nozzle, the gap between the nozzles, and then the electrical contacts.
  • Reset the printer using the instructions. When the printer is powered on, remove the plug from its rear end.
  • Leave it for few minutes and then reconnect the printer. Power it on if it is not done properly.
  • The printer might undergo a warm- up period, the printer light might flash, and then carriage might move.
  • When the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue is not solved, service your printer or call us on the toll- free number.

HP Officejet Pro 8216 error codes

  • When you find an error message with letters and numbers on the control panel, it is an error code message.
  • There lies the possibility for this issue, when you use ink cartridges purchased from the unauthentic manufacture.
  • Use the prompts to check the estimated ink levels, and replace the low or empty cartridge.
  • Make sure that the HP Officejet Pro 8216 ink cartridge vents and contacts are free from dust and debris.
  • With the help of an automated tool, you can solve the error code issue of your printer.
  • Resetting the printer lets you resolve the HP Officejet Pro 8216 error code issue. To reset the printer, power on the printer first.
  • Remove the power cord which is at the rear side of the printer, and then from the wall outlet.
  • After a few seconds plug in the power cord again to the printer and to the power supply.
  • If you find the printer is not powered on by itself, use the power button to switch on manually.
  • Once you are done, attempt to print a sample document to check your printer perfromance.
  • When the HP Officejet Pro 8216 Troubleshooting issue is not solved, click on call to the number displayed on your screen.
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