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Solve using HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting

Printer is offline

Do you face HP Officejet 4655 Offline issue often? Try to fix and HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue by yourself by following the tips which are displayed on our website. If you use a Wired connection, ensure that you plugged the cables properly. If you are a Wireless user, use the correct network name and password to connect the devices. Position the Wireless network devices closer to maintain a good signal strength.


Step 1: Reboot the printer and verify the connection status

  • Restart your printer and the computer, if you face a HP Officejet 4655 Offline offline issue.
  • Ensure that the printer is connected to the computer or the network.
  • If you can print, the printer is online again or else go to the next step.

Step 2 :Choose the correct port :

  • If the driver uses the wrong connection port, remains HP Officejet 4655 Offline.
  • Use the correct port type if the selection does not match the connection.
  • If the HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue persists, go to the next step and make your printer ready.

Step 3 : Printer firmware update :

  • Updating the printer firmware might resolve the connection issue.
  • It is suggested that you do not use the third party firmware software.
  • If the problem still exists, contact our tech support on our toll-free.

Step 4 : Add a second printer device to Windows :

  • Choose Devices and Printer under Windows, select the printer name.
  • Click Printer Properties, tap on the Ports tab and then select Add Port.
  • Click on the TCP/IP Port, enter the IP address and click Next. Select Ok.


Step 1: Verify connection between the printer and Mac device :

  • For a wired connection, ensure that you plugged the cables properly.
  • For a Wireless connection, use the same connection for both the devices.
  • Position the wireless router and your printer at a closer distance.

Step 2 : Boot up the printer :

  • With the printer powered on, unplug the power cord from the printer.
  • Remove the power cord from the wall outlet, pause for a minute.
  • Link the power cord to the printer and wall outlet. Power on the printer.

Step 3 : Exclude multiple printers from the printer list :

  • Check in the list, remove any extra entries other than one in the idle state.
  • If you find multiple printer queues for the same printer, remove it.
  • Leave one idle printer in the list and use it as the default printer.

Step 4 :Remove the existing print queue and add the printer :

  • Delete the printer queue from the list of printers and then add it again.
  • Use the minus button to remove and plus sign to add the printer.
  • Select your printer from the list and choose Add to add your printer.

HP Officejet 4655 not scanning problems

  • Rebooting the computer and printer might restore the scan connection.
  • Verify the network and HP Officejet 4655 printer connection status.
  • For Wireless connection, position all the devices at a closer distance.
  • Use the network name and password to link the printer and computer.
  • Connect the printer and PC to the same wireless network connection.
  • Several routers can function both in 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency.
  • Rectify HP Officejet 4655 not scanning issue by uninstalling the software before reinstalling.
  • Go to our website and download the latest printer driver and software.
  • Install the driver and software based on guides displayed on the screen.
  • For more details, contact our tech support on our toll-free.

hp officejet 4655 troubleshooting

HP Officejet 4655 not printing wirelessly

hp officejet 4655 printer problems
  • In some cases, restarting the printer and computer can rectify the HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Use the network name and password to connect the printer and PC.
  • You can find the network details on the rear side of the wireless router.
  • Position the printer and the wireless router at a closer distance.
  • Place all the wireless connected devices within the network coverage.
  • Always maintain a good wireless signal strength, for avoid HP Officejet 4655 not printing wirelessly issue.
  • Changing the network name might resolve the issue in some cases.
  • Uninstall the existing software and download it from our website.
  • Install the printer software successfully, based on the on-screen guides.
  • If you have any queries, call our tech support on our toll-free.

printing blank pages

  • Update the system antivirus software, scan for and remove any viruses.
  • Download the latest firmware version of your printer and install it.
  • In some cases, corrupted or incomplete software might cause the HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Look for uninstall a program under windows, select Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of installed program, choose your printer name.
  • Select Uninstall or Yes to confirm uninstall. Restart the printer.
  • Download and reinstall the recent printer driver from our website.
  • Alter the print spooler option in settings to print directly to the printer.
  • An extra page should no longer print from the HP Officejet 4655 printer.
  • If the error exists, call our tech team on our toll-free number.

Alignment page issues

  • If there is any debris inside the printer, the alignment fails to print.
  • Take off all the paper from the paper tray and check for any debris.
  • Unlock the access door, and then remove any debris from the printer.
  • Close the door and then re-insert the paper with correct type and size.
  • Remove the cartridge from the slot and check for any debris in it.
  • If you find any debris, wipe it with a wet cloth and allow it to dry.
  • Once it is dried, position the ink cartridge to the respective slot.
  • Install the compatible printer driver and software using the guides.
  • Open the scanner lid, position the alignment page on the scanner glass.
  • Close the lid, click the Scan button on the printer’s control panel.

Fixing HP Officejet 4655 paper jam Issues

  • Ascertain that the paper you use to print is in good condition.
  • Your printer might not pick up paper if the paper size is not proper.
  • Clean the dust or debris on the paper feed rollers and paper feed HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue.
  • In some cases, rebooting the printer can resolve a HP Officejet 4655 paper jam issue.
  • Print a test page to ensure that the hardware functions correctly.
  • If the Printer Status Report prints successfully, try to print a document.
  • If you have any doubts, contact our technical support on our toll-free.
HP Officejet 4655 error code
  • It is advisable to use a genuine ink cartridge for your printer.
  • Sometimes, rebooting the printer can rectify the HP Officejet 4655 error code issue.
  • Due to a low or empty ink cartridge, you might face the HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issue.
  • Replace the cartridge, if you receive an alert message before an error.
  • It is suggested to estimate the cartridge level regularly to avoid error.
  • Clean the ink cartridge properly and insert it into its slot correctly.
  • Clean the printhead with an automated tool to get best print quality.
HP Officejet 4655 Fax Problem

Step 1: Test the phone line and phone cable :

  • Link the phone cable into a single line phone, unplug it from Fax rear.
  • Use the handset and listen for a dial tone, if you find an HP Officejet 4655 Fax Problem, replace it.
  • Check the sending and receiving functions of the fax.

Step 2 : Check the dial tone :

  • If a dial tone is low, remove the cable from the test phone.
  • Connect the cable into the fax line port on the Fax rear.
  • Once it is done, check the sending and receiving function.

Step 3 : Check the fax configuration and settings :

  • Remove the additional devices which are sharing the phone line.
  • Link the fax to a regular analog phone line. Activate Auto Answer.
  • Set up the fax settings. Send a fax to the test fax machine.

Step 4 : Fix the issue “Fax can be sent but not received :

  • Ensure that the Automatic Answering feature is enabled or not.
  • Set the Rings to Answer value to a number of rings equal or larger than 1.
  • Update the firmware regularly to avoid some of the basic HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting issues.
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