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123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer Support

The 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer provides outstanding reliability. With a high printing speed, it grately reduces the time consumed for printing. This printer has HP auto-on/auto-off technology to help save energy. Ideal for small offices, this printer comes with preinstalled HP Laserjet M12w toner cartridge.

123 hp laserjet pro m12w printer


  • Print speed : up to 19ppm
  • Paper handling : 150-sheet input tray
  • Manual duplexing
  • Connectivity : wireless, USB, mobile printing, HP ePrint, AirPrint
  • Compatible with all Windows models, Mac OS

Unboxing HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer Setup

Unboxing and Setting up your new 123 HP Laserjet m12w printer comes as an easy task. We will put you through the process of unboxing and setting up your new printer. Follow the provided steps in their respective order. Your new HP Laserjet m12w printer should be ready to start printing shortly.

  • Proceed to discard all the packing materials from the printer, carefully insert the paper tray into it.
  • Pull out and unfold the tray extender and re-check the various contents of the box as they might vary.
  • Following which, connect the power cord to the power supply of the printer and the electrical outlet to a wall socket.
  • Turn on the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W printer by clicking on the power button. Once you turn on the printer, set your language and country/region.
  • Select Basic Settings, then enter the Date in the correct two-digit format, MM-DD-YY and then tap OK.

  • Now, input the time in its correct format (HH: MM), then set AM or PM and then select OK.
  • Mount plain and white paper in the main paper tray and insert additional papers in the tray.
  • Remove the new ink cartridge that had been shipped with the HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer and discard the packing materials from it.
  • Insert the black cartridge carefully into the right slot and tri-color cartridge in the slot on the left.
  • Choose the Setup option on the printer’s control panel, then select Align Cartridge and then tap OK.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Driver and manual downloader

Install the drivers from the disc shipped with the package. Drivers are essential for the working of your 123.hp.com/ljprom12w printer. Always keep your drivers updated. For best experience download the full feature driver. Download the driver your respective operating system. Install the driver by following the below instructions.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Driver Installation Windows

  • Visit our website and choose your printer model from the list. Opt for the OS version that is available on your computer.
  • Check availability of full feature software. Use available software such as guided HP Download and Install Assistant to install the driver.
  • On Windows, choose ‘Installing with recommended settings’ for the hassle-free installation process.
  • Choose required printer connection between wireless or USB. Proceed to the next step.
  • Another method is to install the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W driver from disc available in the box package. Repeat the above steps with the disc inserted.
  • Try printing a document or photo to ascertain the working condition of the HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Driver Installation Mac

  • Visit our website and choose your printer model from the list of available printers.
  • Choose the correct operating system, then search and Download the full feature software.
  • On the Install screen, select HP Scan. Make sure to click on Add Printer option to create a print queue on your Mac system.
  • Select the Use or Print Using menu option and select the printer model in the menu that pops up and then click the Add option.
  • Setup is completed after you choose the desired network connection and then select the printer function based on your work requirement.
  • For further support and queries, reach our expert team on the toll-free number.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Ink cartridge installation and replacement

  • Switch on the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer and then open the cartridge access doors by pulling on its edges.
  • Proceed with raising the cartridge cover, and pinch the sides of the ink cartridge that you want to replace.
  • Ensure that you do not remove the cartridge until you are ready to replace it with a new one.
  • Gently take out the old ink cartridge from its slot with both hands and then proceed to the next step.
  • Check the cable connections properly and then remove the new ink cartridge that had been shipped with the printer.
  • Nextly, remove the protective tab on the ink cartridge and then discard the unwanted wrap.

  • The color indications on their tops may help you to identify and insert the ink cartridges properly.
  • Note that blue top indicates that it is the colored ink and the black top is the black ink.
  • Note that the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W ink cartridge has two small plastic tabs on its top that indicates the ink number.
  • Make sure that these tabs are close to you when placing the cartridge into its slot.
  • You may view that on pressing the ink icon, the print head moves to the ink cartridge replacement position.
  • Make sure to carefully insert the cartridge into its slot and then proceed to shut the cartridge access door.

load paper tray in HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer

  • Gently open input tray by lifting the paper tray. Keep this closed at all times except when inserting paper.
  • Gently slide the paper width guide and the paper length guide to their maximum position.
  • Note that this is done to prevent damage to the loaded paper and to hold the paper in perfect position.
  • Prepare the plain paper or the photo that has to be loaded to your printer by aligning them with each other.
  • Carefully place the paper in the paper guides in middle of the expanded paper guides.

  • Now, gently slide the length and width paper guides to hold the inserted paper in its place.
  • Make sure to correctly specify the inserted paper size on the printer menu to prevent confusion.
  • Do not overload the paper tray by adding large amounts of paper to prevent jamming 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W issues.
  • Fill only one size of paper at a time, do not insert multiple sized ones to avoid confusion.
  • To print different size papers like envelopes, replace existing paper with different size paper and notify changes in the print menu.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer General setup


Place the PC and printer close to each other for good network connectivity. Now, connect the printer to an electrical outlet and then turn on the printer. Select the Windows logo on your PC, then tap Settings and then choose the printer model. Tap on device, then tap Add a printer and then follow the on-screen instructions to customize the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W printer settings.


Place the printer and system close to each other, then connect the printer to a power source and then turn on the HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer. Select your printer model from the list that appears on the control panel, then Open the Apple menu and Select System Preferences. Select devices and follow the on-screen instructions to customize the printer settings.


Connect the mobile and printer to wireless networks. Note that they can be connected to the same or different network. Plug printer to an electrical socket and turn it on. Download the respective HP application that is specific to your mobile device. Select the document or photo and follow onscreen instructions to start printing.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer Mobile printing

Print on the go with mobile printing technology. Save valuable time and the hassle of having to be within printer’s range or connected to it via USB. Print anything from anywhere with mobile technology. Aimed at simplifying our lives, this technology is available on all mobile platforms. All you have to do is download the respective application specific to your mobile device and you are good to go. It only takes minutes to setup. Setup an email for your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W printer and start printing!


  • First and foremost, turn on your printer and proceed to enable web services to connect online.
  • Nextly, link your HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer to HP connected and obtain your printer’s unique email address.
  • For ease of use,add your printer’s email address as a contact to your mobile phone.
  • Note that not only mobile devices, but any device with internet connectivity can print using Eprint.
  • Create a new email and attach the content that you would like to print. Make sure to keep it under 10Mb.

  • To print someone else’s email, open the email and forward it to your printer’s email address.
  • Remember to enter your Eprint email address in the To; field. It is optional to enter any other email address to CC field.
  • Share your printer’s email address with your friends and family. All they have to do it, send an email and start printing.
  • Your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W printer’s email address can be customised to make it more fun. To do that log into your hp account.
  • From your HP account select printer settings to tamper with your printer’s email address, and other settings.

How to Print


  • Make sure to download the respective printer driver software before attempting to print.
  • The Driver is downloaded by choosing your specific operating system. Turn on the HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer.
  • Ensure that the printer is connected to a computer or a mobile device of your choice.
  • Download and install the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W driver. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to assist with installation.
  • Go to print settings from the control panel, select your preferences and start printing.


  • In order to print from your Mac OS, select the File menu and then tap the Print option.
  • Go to the control panel and select your printer model from the drop down option that appears.
  • Tap Show Details and then you can choose other menus to customize the print settings as needed.
  • You can set the paper orientation, the paper source, paper type, paper size and quality settings on the Paper/Quality tab.
  • You can also automatically or manually print. Follow on-screen instructions. click the Print button and start printing.
HP Laserjet Pro M12W Wireless setup

Do you want to print without the hassle of dangling wires causing a messy commotion? Look no further! HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct are here. HP’s wireless connection offers you one-click print from any wireless device. All it requires is a print application on the wireless device and a printing software on the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer and you’re good to go.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Wireless Direct printing
  • Turn on your HP Laserjet pro M12W printer and switch on HP wireless direct from your printer’s control panel.
  • On your wireless device, ensure that its Wi-Fi is turned on and connect to HP wireless direct.
  • Enter the password of your HP wireless direct on your wireless device and connect the two devices.
  • Install the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W driver on your computer. Set your connection preferences as wireless and not USB.
  • If you have already done the previous step, you can directly start printing the same way you did with an existing network connection.
  • The Device cannot maintain a connection with printer and internet at the same time with wireless direct.
  • To convert driver installed previously on USB settings, go to Start –> Programs –> HP Laserjet pro M12W –> printer setup.
  • To do the same with a Mac, open Finder –> Applications –> HP Laserjet pro M12W –> printer setup and software.
  • If not, insert the disc provided with the printer. Reinstall the driver and select a Wireless connection.
  • In both the cases, select Connect New Printer. After that select document of your choosing, start printing.

HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer Problems

Just like every device out there, your printer too will start wearing down with usage and time. It is essential to take good care of your printer to derive maximum printability out of it. Without proper maintenance, your printer might cause issues like paper jam, issues in toner might result in blurry printing, extreme cases where the HP Laserjet Pro M12W Printer simply has stopped printing. Rest assured that software issues are fixed with 123 HP Laserjet Pro M12W driver updates. For every issue, there is a solution. With proper fixes available, no problem is irreparable.

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