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Solutions for HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems

If you have any issue with your printer, you need to rectify it as soon as possible. Or else, you cannot use your printer to print the desired document or photo. We provide solutions for the HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems, HP Laserjet M1005 Scan Problem, HP Laserjet M1005 Copy Problem and paper jam issue. To get more solution to resolve your printer issue, you can make use of our manual by downloading it on our website and retain your printer to the normal state. If not, contact our technical experts on our toll-free number and get an instant solution for your queries and issues.

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HP Laserjet M1005 Print problems

Step 1: Improve print quality

  • Make use of the print quality settings to avoid HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems.
  • Print quality settings affect how light or dark the print is on the page.
  • The style may vary in which the graphics are printed on your page.
  • Modifying the resolution can change the formatting of your file text.

Step 2 : Change print quality settings temporarily

  • By Print Setup, change the print quality setting for the current program.
  • From the Windows system tray, tap Start–> Settings–> Printers.
  • Right-click the device icon and choose the Properties option.
  • Modify the required settings and click on the Ok option.

Step 3 : Identify and correct print defects

  • Ensure that the paper or print media that you are using is compatible.
  • Attempt to print a configuration report at the device control panel.
  • In case the page did not print well, then the HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems is with the hardware.
  • Reboot the system and the printer and try printing a document again.

Step 4 : Print media guides

  • To avail best print quality, use a smooth paper type and a quality paper.
  • Verify the label on the package of paper if you are unsure of the type.
  • Ensure that you do not use paper that is designed for inkjet printers only.
  • Make use of the media that is designed for Laserjet printers.

Step 5 : Clear paper jam

  • Check whether that the HP Laserjet M1005 printer has a paper jam issue.
  • Make use of an appropriate paper type and size for your printer.
  • Ensure that there is no jammed paper inside the printer and the input tray.
  • Reboot the printer and computer and try to print a document or photo.

Step 6 : Check the connection status

  • Ensure that your printer and the computer are connected to the network.
  • If it is a Wired connection, ensure that you plugged the cables properly.
  • Ascertain that you use the same Wireless network for both the devices.
  • Position the Wireless devices closer during the setup process.

HP Laserjet M1005 Jam in print paper path

  • Step 1 : Paper jam might occur in the paper tray area, duplexer, cartridge area.
  • Step 2 : Paper jam error might occur even when there is no jammed paper.
  • Step 3 : Take off any loose sheets of paper from the output tray of the printer.
  • Step 4 : Remove any jammed paper from the posterior side of the printer.
  • Step 5 : Open the duplexer and check for any jammed paper or bit paper.
  • Step 6 : If you find any piece of paper inside it, remove it carefully from it.
  • Step 7 : Check whether there is any loose or jammed paper in the paper tray.
  • Step 8 : Lift the ink cartridge access door. Halt until the printer is noiseless.
  • Step 9 : Unplug the power cord and the cables from the rear of the printer.
  • Step 10 : Check for any paper or objects in the ink cartridge access area.
  • Step 11 : Take off any paper or object you find. Close the cartridge door.
  • Step 12 : Reboot your printer which might clear a false paper jam error.
  • Step 13 : Clean the paper feed rollers so that you can avoid the jam issue.
  • Step 14 : Once you are done with the steps, try to print a sample document.
  • Step 15 : For more information, contact our tech support on our toll-free.

HP Laserjet M1005 Clearing jams

  • Step 1 : Ensure that your Laserjet M1005 printer input tray is not overfilled.
  • Step 2 : Check whether that the media guides are adjusted properly.
  • Step 3 : While printing, do not add print media into the printer’s input tray.
  • Step 4 : Use only the papers type and size which are suitable for the printer.
  • Step 5 : The input tray capacity varies based on the type of print media.
  • Step 6 : The media type and the toner affects the output bin capacity.
  • Step 7 : Ascertain that you have positioned the input tray properly.
  • Step 8 : Ensure that your printer and the system are connected well.
  • Step 9 : During the print job do not add or remove the Media from input tray.
  • Step 10 : Ascertain that the print media you used is compatible with the printer.
  • Step 11 : Verify whether the cartridge door is closed during a print job.
  • Step 12 : Do not place the media that is damaged or has staples or clips.
  • Step 13 : After trying all the steps, reboot your printer and the computer.
  • Step 14 : Try to print a print job using your HL Laserjet M1005 printer.
  • Step 15 : If you still find an HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems, call our tech support on our toll-free.

HP Laserjet M1005 Copy problems

Step 1 : Clean the Scanner and ADF rollers

  • Dust or debris on the scanner can cause lines and color bands in a file.
  • Clean the scanner with a soft, lint-free cloth with glass cleaner properly.
  • Dust in the automatic document feeder might result in copy quality HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems.

Step 2 : Modify the copy settings

  • In some cases, modifying the copy settings might improve copy quality.
  • On the Printer’s control panel, go to Settings–> Quality or Optimization.
  • Change the copy settings based on the necessity to improve copy quality.

Step 3 : Modify the paper settings

  • If the paper type and size do not match, it might result in quality issue.
  • On the printer’s control panel, go to Setup or Settings. Tap Paper Setup.
  • Click Def. Paper size. Choose the paper size that is in the input tray.

Step 4 : Reboot the printer

  • Remove a file from the scanner glass and automatic document feeder.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer. Pause for at least 60 seconds.
  • Link the power cord back into the printer and now try to copy a file.
HP Laserjet M1005 Scan problems

Step 1 : Reboot devices and verify driver scan settings

  • Rebooting the system and printer can restore the lost scan connection.
  • Ensure that the printer power cord links directly to an electrical outlet.
  • Power up the printer and computer and now try to scan your document.

Step 2 : Verify the network and printer connection status

  • Ensure that your network works well and then check the printer status.
  • Most of the routers can work in both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency.
  • Go to network icon to view the connection status and network name.

Step 3 : Printer software uninstallation

  • Rectify scan connection HP Laserjet M1005 Printing Problems by uninstalling the printer software.
  • Link the printer to the network while uninstalling the printer software.
  • Ensure that you re-install the updated version of the software and driver.

Step 4 : Deactivate firewall software temporarily

  • Use Print and Scan Doctor to find and temporarily disable the firewall.
  • Select Network and then click on the Troubleshoot Firewalls option.
  • Choose the enabled firewall software on your PC and click Disable.
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