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Clear HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting Instructions

Are you looking for solutions to your HP Laserjet Enterprise M605n printer issues? Use the tips which are given below to resolve your printer problem. You can easily fix and troubleshoot the issue by yourself by following the HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting guides. Without retaining the printer to the normal state, you cannot use your printer to print. So make use the tips effectively and prep your printer to print your document or photo.

HP Laserjet M605N Restore Factory-set defaults

  • Do you want to reset the printer? Here are the simple HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting guides, make use of it.
  • Once you are done with all the troubleshooting but you still find an issue with your printer, do the factory reset for your printer.
  • The saved settings and files will be lost, when you perform the HP Laserjet M605N Printer Problems factory reset.
  • Make sure you have a copy of the files before resetting the printer.
  • Power off the printer, unplug the power cable from the printer. Make sure that you do not re-link the cable for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug-in the cable to the printer. Switch on the printer by pressing and holding the resume button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Language, Page count and tray size might not be reset.
  • Once the Attention light turned on, you can release the resume icon.
  • The Hp Laserjet enterprise m605n printer resets to the factory default by the attention and ready light.
  • For more details, you can consult our technical expert on our toll-free number.

Clear paper jam – HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting

  • There are several areas where jammed paper might become blocked.
  • Clear the jammed paper from one area and then attempt to print a file.
  • In case the error persists, check the next area for any jammed paper.
  • Take off any jammed paper that is accessible from the input tray.
  • Tap the OK button to try to automatically clear the paper jam issue.
  • If it doesn’t work out, go to the next step to clear the jam manually.
  • Lift the input tray door, pull it towards you to extend the input tray.
  • Carefully take off any jammed paper and paper bits from the input tray.
  • Remove any jammed paper from the paper path and ink cartridge area.
  • Clasp the handles on either side of the printer, open the cartridge door.
  • Pause until the carriage is idle and noiseless before you commence.
  • With the printer powered on, unplug the power cord from the HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer.
  • In case the carriage is in the center of the printer, move it to the right.
  • Carefully remove the jammed paper from inside your printer.
  • After clearing the jammed paper, shut the ink cartridge access door.
  • Re-link the power cord to the rear of the printer. Power up your printer.
  • Verify the Automatic Document Feeder for any jammed or torn paper.
  • Unlock the AD cover. Remove any jammed paper from the ADF.
  • Once you removed the paper, lock the automatic document feeder cover.
  • For more information, contact our tech support on our toll-free number.

Improve print quality – HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting

  • In some cases, the quality and type of paper might affect the print job.
  • Ensure that you are using an appropriate paper for your print job.
  • It is advisable to use the smoother paper that might result in good quality.
  • After placing an appropriate paper in the tray, try to print a document.
  • In case the entire page is too dark or too light, check EconoMode.
  • If you still find an print quality issue, move to the next step to resolve it.
  • In some situations, the print settings can affect the print quality of a file.
  • Verify the print settings to ensure that they are based on your print job.
  • From the software application you are printing from, click File–> Print.
  • Open the Properties Window. Based on the application pick the HP Laserjet M605N Printer Problems option.
  • According to your print job, you need to modify the settings.
  • The settings are a Paper type, print quality, paper size, black and white.
  • After choosing the print settings, tap OK and then choose Print.
  • In case modifying the print settings did not resolve, go to the next step.
  • Estimate the cartridge level, if the ink level is low or empty replace it.
  • Elevate the cartridge access door and the take off the old cartridge.
  • Remove the new cartridge from the packing material. Peel off the tape.
  • Insert the cartridge into its respective slot. Close the ink cartridge door.
  • Attempt to print using your HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer. If it prints good, you are done.
  • If not, consult our tech support team on our toll-free number to rectify.
Solve wired network problems in HP Laserjet M605N

Step 1: Fix poor physical connection

  • Ensure that the printer is attached to the correct network port via a cable.
  • Make sure that the cable connections you used are secure and fast.
  • Verify that the activity light and the green link status light are lit.
  • If the issue still continues, try a different cable or port on the hub.

Step 2 :Check the computer IP address for the printer

  • Open the HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer properties and click the Ports tab. Check the IP address.
  • If you installed the printer using TCP/IP port, use the host name.
  • If the IP address is correct, remove the printer and then add it again.
  • If the issue still exists, move to the next step to resolve the HP Laserjet M605N Printer Problems.

Step 3: Verify the communication between the printer and computer

  • Test the network communication by pinging the network.
  • Open a Command-line prompt on your system.
  • Enter ping followed by the IP address for your HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer.
  • If the Window displays round-trip time, the network works well.

Step 4 : Check the computer setup

  • Verify the drivers, print drivers, and the network redirection settings.
  • Ensure that the operating system is configured correctly.
  • Go through the configuration page to verify the network protocol.
  • If required, reconfigure the HP Laserjet M605N Printer Problems network settings.
HP Laserjet M605N Cartridge is low
  • The HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer displays a message when the toner cartridge level is low.
  • The actual toner cartridge life remaining can vary based on the type.
  • Have a replacement cartridge to install when print quality is not acceptable.
  • Do not take off the cartridge from its package until it is time to replace.
  • Remove and replace the existing toner cartridge with a new cartridge.
  • To replace the cartridge, lift the top cover of the cartridge access door.
  • Clasp the handles of the used toner cartridge and pull out to remove it.
  • Carefully take off the new toner cartridge from its packing material.
  • Store all packing material for reprocessing the used toner cartridge.
  • Take off the cover that is a protective shield from the toner cartridge.
  • Remove the toner sealing tape. Completely remove the sealing tape.
  • Arrange the toner with its slot, and place the cartridge into the HP Laserjet Enterprise M605N Troubleshooting printer.
  • Once you have completed the process, you can close the top cover.
  • To maintain the toner level, estimate the level of the cartridge regularly.
  • It is advisable to use an authenticated toner cartridge for your printer.
  • Once you are done, try to print a document to check the print quality.
  • If a document or photo print quality is good, you’re done.
  • If not, reiterate the process and ensure that the cartridges are placed properly.
  • If you still find an issue, clean the cartridge with a wet cloth.
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